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Compact Fresnel LED 100 W DMX

Compact Fresnel LED 100 W DMX

A family of Fresnel luminaires with 100W white led chip available in a variety of options. Can be successfully employed with other conventional tungsten lamps in both architectural and theaters, museums, small TV  studios- where energy saving and maintenance cost reduction are important. High efficiency daylight version can be used as outdoor fill light in TV and film shots, on in conjunction with other discharge fixtures such as accent light for indoor applications.
Available in three color temperatures: Cool White (5600K), Warm White (3000K), or Natural White (4000K).
Also available in Standard Plug-In version.

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  • Adjustable beam from 12º hot spot to 75º even wide flood
  • 10 times longer life than any halogen lamp: saving the cost of the lamp replacements
  • No dangerous UV or IR for safe lighting of people and objects
  • The small size and high efficiency of Compact Fresnel LED 100 make it ideal when space and energy saving are key factors
  • The extra long life of the light sources, more than 30,000 hours, practically cancels the maintenance cost especially where the lamp replacement is uneasy
  • Clean light source without mercury and radioactive components
  • 5-pin XLR sockets for DMX in - and - out with lock mechanism on female connector
  • Very smooth dimming control in DMX allows it to be coordinated with any kind of intelligent light.
  • Auxiliary DMX sharp strobe function let it be used for special effects and as a warning device.
  • Use of the same range of accessories of the standard mini range (barn door, filter holder, base plate, clamps, etc)
  • Different color temperature versions available with the same long life of the source (3000 K, 4000 K, 5700 K)
  • Available in real silver color, white, and other RAL colors
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